Moagg stands for "Mother of all gravity games". In this game you are pilot of a small space ship and have to navigate it through different caves by using the thrusters and rotating the ship. But besides gravity there are many other difficulties you have to master.

The game is strongly influenced by some classical cave flyers from the C64 and Amiga era such as "Space Taxi" or "Gravity Force". But Moagg is supposed to be more than just a clone of these games.

What about the "original" Moagg?

The "original" (which I now consider as "old") Moagg was based on C++ and SDL . Due lack of time and motivation to continue, the development ended with the 0.18 release in summer 2005. During this time I discovered the power of Java and thus started a Java-port of Moagg in the beginning of 2007.

What's new in Moagg?

Althought the new Moagg reuses nearly the whole artwork of its predecessor, it's actually more than just a port to Java:

  • It's powered by Maven2 which is used for automating all sorts of things like building the game, creating this website, etc.
  • It's powered by the Golden-T Game Engine , which is a nice and quite powerful framework for developing 2D games.
  • It uses Mozilla Rhino for level scripting. Due the close coupling with Java, Moagg's internal Java object model can be accessed and modified by level scripts more or less directly. This concept allows enough flexibility to create "cool" levels, which would have never been possible in the old Moagg.