Release Notes

The latest release of Moagg is version 1.95b.

1.95b Release Notes (2008-12-06)

This release fixes a division by zero exception at game startup on Windows hosts using a Java 6 runtime. The ZIP file of 1.95 on Sourceforge was replaced with this bugfix release.

1.95 Release Notes (2008-02-08)

  • Added support for level recording and playback as ghost.
  • All tilesets, missions and levels are now distributed as files in the data folder, giving the player the possibility to add own tiles, tilesets, levels or missions.

1.94b Release Notes (2008-01-31)

This release fixes a NullPointerException at game startup. The ZIP file of 1.94 on Sourceforge was replaced with this bugfix release.

1.94 Release Notes (2008-01-30)

Important changes to version 1.93 are:

  • Added support for two difficulty levels: 'hard' (like in previous versions) and 'easy', where the ship is moving a bit slower.
  • Added simple language selection screen on game startup, if no language is stored in the preferences yet.
  • Added language selection to the menu Settings -> System.

1.93 Release Notes (2008-01-18)

Important changes to version 1.92 are:

  • Show the high score table after finishing a level in case the player was able to make a new entry.
  • Pressing the home/end key in the level preview now brings you to the first/last level of a mission.
  • Added internationalization support to the game using Java resource bundles. Added property files for de (german).
  • Added possibility to make screenshots during the game. The screenshots are stored as PNG image to the game directory. The key can be configured in Settings -> Control.

1.92 Release Notes (2008-01-05)

Important changes to version 1.91 are:

  • The screen resolution, fullscreen mode, in-game music and internal game engine timer are now configurable in the new system settings menu. To apply changes, a game restart is required though, except for turning on/off the music.
  • Added persistent high scores (in file hiscores.dat ) for all levels and show them in the level preview. The rules for the new scoring concept are:
    • Every level has its own high score table.
    • You have an infinite amount of ships to solve each level. However, every ship you wreck will lower your ranking.
    • Collecting points (e.g. by destroying enemies or picking up bonus crates) will increase your ranking.
    • A stopwatch will measure the time you need to solve a level. The faster you are, the higher your ranking will be.

    The author's best score for each level is shipped with every new release of Moagg2. Can you beat these scores? ;-)

  • The status bar at the bottom of each level now shows the player's current score compared to the best score as well as the fuel and armor status of the ship.
  • Added two new tutorial levels. The first one demonstrates the new support for destroyable tiles. In the second one, a boss enemy has to be destroyed.

Here's a list of changes in the level file format. Please refer to the documentation of levels for the most current state.

  • The bonus node is deprecated and was removed due to the new scoring concept.
  • The fuel attribute of the startposition node now is a percentage value. For example: a value of 50 means that the ship will start with a half full fuel tank.
  • The fuel_cost attribute of the platform is deprecated and was removed due to the new scoring concept.
  • The amount attribute of crate nodes was renamed to fuel . It's value now also is a percentage value.

1.91 Release Notes (2008-01-01)

Important changes to version 1.90 are:

  • The ZIP package now contains a run.bat script so the game can be started on Windows.
  • Added mission handicaps. For the level preview that means, you are now able to skip only levels which you already solved.
  • Turrets can now have a laser gun like tanks. The tutorial level tutorial06.xml was adapted to demonstrate this feature.
  • The gameControl interface was extended by the method setPopUpText(...) . This allows level scripts to display pop-up messages during game flow. The tutorial level taxi.xml was adapted to demonstrate this feature.
  • Platforms can now be moved around in the playground via level scripting. A new tutorial level platforms.xml was added, demonstrating this feature.

1.90 Release Notes (2007-12-26)

This is the first release of Moagg2. Here's a list of important changes compared to the "old" Moagg:

  • The content of the XML levels has changed due to the new level scripting concept and some new features. The basic structure however remained the same. Please refer to the documentation of levels .
  • Some of the tile indices for "brick" and "blue" have changed: 10 is now 0a , 11 is now 0b , and 12 is now 0c . A stand-alone converter application was added to the source code (moagg.level.converter.BricksConverter ) which was used to convert the existing maps.
  • The tile set "brick" was extended with alternative tiles. All existing maps were processed with the new stand-alone tool moagg.level.converter.BricksRandomizer . This tool shuffles the tile ids of "brick" layers to make use of the new tiles resulting in better looking maps.

In case you have levels written for the "old" Moagg and need support migrating them, feel free to contact me .