A level consists of a map file and an XML-file, describing decorative and game-specific items (obstacles, landing platforms, crates, etc.). Further, the XML-file contains a Rhino script defining what has to be done to complete the level. The map data is seperated from the level data. This way, a map file can be reused in different levels. See the documentation of maps , levels and level scripting for further reference.

Creating Map Files

Since map files are stored as custom binary format, it's recommended to use the tiled map editor together with the moagg plugin. Please refer to the download page to get it.

Creating Level Files

There's no special editor to create level files. In the future (when the XML schema definitions are finished) an XML-capable editor is recommended so the editor will help you with syntax-highlighting, auto-completion, etc. Please refer to the documentation of levels and level scripting .

You may also just take a look at the tutorial levels, since they show most of the available features.