not released yet

  • Fixed annoying self-destructions when rotating the ship immediately after take off.
  • Added a basic multiplayer/networking support.
  • Added italian translations for the tutorial descriptions.
  • Added new panel applet showing the speed of the ship.

1.95b (2008-12-06)

  • Fixed a division by zero exception on game startup on Windows hosts using a Java 6 runtime.

1.95 (2008-02-08)

  • Include the native (Windows) library timer.dll to the game ZIP. This library is used as fallback, if the GAGE timer's NanoTimer is not available.
  • All tilesets, missions and levels are now distributed as files in the data folder, giving the player the possibility to add own tiles, tilesets, levels or missions.
  • Moved all missions and levels to new project moagg-missions.
  • Added support for level recording and playback as ghost.

1.94b (2008-01-31)

  • Fixed an embarrassing NullPointerException on game startup.

1.94 (2008-01-30)

  • Added support for two difficulty levels: 'hard' (like in previous versions) and 'easy', where the ship is moving a bit slower.
  • Fixed menu lags that occured with the GAGE timer on high screen resolutions. (Sourceforge bug 1879976)
  • Added simple language selection screen on game startup, if no language is stored in the preferences yet.
  • Added language selection to the menu Settings -> System.
  • The unloading of crates is shown now when landing on the target platform.
  • Fixed the screenshot handling, which was hard-coded to the tabulator key.

1.93 (2008-01-18)

  • Show the high score table after finishing a level in case the player was able to make a new entry.
  • Pressing the home/end key in the level preview now brings you to the first/last level of a mission.
  • Added internationalization support to the game using Java resource bundles. Added property files for de (german).
  • Moved all tile sets to a separate project, so they can be reused by a moagg map plugin for tiled currently under development.
  • Added possibility to make screenshots during the game. The screenshots are stored as PNG image to the game directory. The key can be configured in Settings -> Control.
  • Changed default key for shooting from "comma" to "space".
  • Rethrow critical exceptions as RuntimeException, so GTGE's error notification window will pop up.
  • Refactored the in-game status bar to a panel-like class, where applet-like classes (armor, fuel, score) can be attached.

1.92 (2008-01-05)

  • Added support for in-game music based on the original mod files.
  • Added a new tutorial boss.xml where several tiles and turrets are scripted together to be a boss.
  • Added support for destroyable tiles. A new tutorial destroyable_tiles.xml was added to demonstrate this.
  • Added missing support for fuel crates and fuel platforms.
  • Due to the differences in the scoring concept (compared to the old Moagg), the bonus node in level files is now deprecated and will be ignored.
  • Show the fuel and armor status at the bottom when playing a level.
  • Show the own and the best score at the bottom when playing a level.
  • Added new scripting function onTakeOff() that is called whenever the player's ship takes off from a platform, passing the platform object as argument.
  • Added persistent top 5 high scores (in file hiscores.dat ) for all levels and show them in the level preview. The author's best score for each level is shipped with every new release of Moagg2. Be fast and be careful not to destroy your ships to get a high ranking.
  • The screen resolution, fullscreen mode, and internal game engine timer are now configurable in the game settings. A game restart is required though.

1.91 (2008-01-01)

  • Added a new tutorial level platforms.xml demonstrating the ability to move platforms around the playground using level scripting.
  • Switched pom groupId to net.sourceforge.moagg .
  • Updated Mozilla Rhino to 1.6R7 which supports calling Java methods and constructors with variable argument lists.
  • Added splash screen on startup showing a progress bar of the initialization.
  • Some good levels from mission1 were moved to the snakepit mission. mission1 further was renamed to be a container for new or unsorted levels.
  • Replaced black hole by new graphic from jacius (see the contrib directory in SVN).
  • Added persistent mission handicaps. That means you can only skip levels in the preview when you have solved them.
  • Level scripts now can use gameControl.setPopUpText(...) to display pop-up messages during game flow.
  • Turret barrels now can have a laser gun.
  • Added collision handling for particles.
  • Added run.bat script to start the game on Windows.

1.90 (2007-12-26)

  • Initial release of Moagg2.